Donut Pre-order

Whether you’re planning ahead for your Friday meeting or reserving your favourite flavour, we’re really excited to bring you the option to pre-order! Order your favorite donuts online and pick them up at our cafe. We ask only a day’s notice. We offer discounts for pre-orders that fit our take away boxes.

Rosehip Jam


Pumpkin Spice & Cream Cheese


Choc Pretzel


Cranberry Pecan


White Choc Strawberry & Licorice


cinnamon sugar


Boston Cream


chocolate peanut fudge


salted caramel hazelnut




maple smoked coconut


Hibiscus Sprinkles

Available from Oct 31

raspberry jam filled ghost

Available from Oct 31

Boston cream with cat

Available from Oct 31

Pumpkin spice & vanilla

Halloween special
Available from Oct 31

white chocolate & raspberry


Box discounts

We like pre-orders that fit our boxes and offer the following box discounts:

4 donuts box: €9
12 donut box: €24

Discounts are automatically calculated for your pre-order.