Donut Pre-order

Whether you’re planning ahead for your Friday meeting or reserving your favourite flavour, we’re really excited to bring you the option to pre-order! Order your favorite donuts online and pick them up at our cafe. We ask only a day’s notice. We offer discounts for pre-orders that fit our take away boxes.

Lemon Curd Bergamot

Piña Colada

Peanut Butter & Jelly


Vanilla Blueberry

Strawberry Sprinkles

Coffee & Banana on Choc Dough

cinnamon sugar

chocolate peanut fudge

salted caramel hazelnut


maple smoked coconut

banana chocolate fudge

Box discounts

We like pre-orders that fit our boxes and offer the following box discounts:

4 donuts box: €9
12 donut box: €24

Discounts are automatically calculated for your pre-order.