The best
donuts in town.
And they’re vegan, too.

Our charity donut

As a means for us (and you) to give back to our community, we created our charity donut back in 2018. From every Tiramisu Donut sold, we donate 1€ to organizations and nonprofits keen on making the world a more inclusive, impactful and sustainable place.

In August we are raising money for Stiftung Solarenergie.
Stiftung Solarenergie not only promotes the spread of solar energy in the global south, they also promote local solar crafts and train and support young entrepreneurs. To implement a reliable power supply they push solar energy as an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to often used candles, kerosene lamps or diesel generators. 

We are climate neutral!

Sustainable thinking has shaped our decisions from the very beginning. Being vegan is not only a personal diet choice, it also has a big impact on our climate. But we didn’t want to stop there. Find out about our steps towards a more sustainable business!

Something special!

Have a message you want to send in donuts? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We can prepare all letters from A to Z as well as numbers, but please note, punctuation marks or other symbols aren’t possible.

For larger catering events we also offer mini donuts, a donut wall or special branded edible paper on top of our donuts. Feel free to contact us with your ideas!

Our Locations

Potsdamer Platz

Alte Potsdamer Straße 7
Monday – Friday: 9 – 9
Saturday: 10 – 9
Sunday & public holidays: 11 – 7


Maybachufer 8
Monday – Saturday: 10 – 8
Sunday & public holidays: 11 – 7


Tauentzienstraße 21-24 (6th floor – confectionery, tea & coffee area)
Monday – Thursday: 10 – 8
Friday: 10 – 9
Saturday: 10 – 8

Prenzlauer Berg

Danziger Straße 65
Monday – Saturday: 10 – 8
Sunday & public holidays: 11 – 7


Warschauer Straße 76
Monday – Friday: 9 – 8
Saturday: 10 – 8
Sunday & public holidays: 11 – 7


Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 5
Monday – Saturday: 10 – 8
Sunday & public holidays: 11 – 7