The impact of a donut

Our environmental & social footprint

Our take on sustainability:

We see sustainability holistically; Every sold (or donated) donut is an entry point to show people that careful use of our human and planetary resources can taste good. We treat people, animals, and our environment fairly and with care. And by people, we don’t just mean those we employ, buy from, collaborate with, and sell to – we mean future generations, too!

As a self-funded, founder-owned business, we choose to put our values at the front of all our decisions. Success to us means we are kind AND run a profitable business in a way that we hope inspires others!

We know we’re not perfect, but we question how we do things and strive to do better with every donut we make.

We used 2023 to set sustainability goals for ourselves, planned measures on how to reach them and conducted a GRI conform sustainability and impact report to show you how we want to become a more sustainable business.

The full report is available for you to read here:

Our sustainability strategy:

At Brammibal’s, sustainability is deeply embedded in our operations and strategic decision-making processes. It focuses on three pillars:

Environmental Stewardship 🌱

We strive to minimize our environmental impact by conserving resources, reducing waste, and adopting renewable energy solutions.

Social Responsibility 🤝

We are committed to fostering a positive and inclusive work environment, promoting ethical business conduct, and supporting local communities.

Product Excellence 🍩

We continuously improve our product offerings, ensuring the highest quality vegan donuts that delight our customers while adhering to our sustainability principles.

Our material sustainability topics:

At Brammibal’s, we report based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to make our report concise and, most of all, comparable to others. Our materiality analysis helped us identify the topics that are most relevant to our stakeholders and the business.

Any type of waste is not only a weak point from the environmental perspective but also from the business perspective. The more precise our sales predictions, the less waste we generate.
We treat all applicants equally, regardless of gender, color, ethnic or social origin, language, religion or belief, age, marital status, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.
Driven by a vision of running a profitable vegan business supporting underrepresented communities and protecting animal rights, Brammibal’s has high ethical standards.
We’ve introduced reusable boxes to offer our customers a way to transport donuts without unnecessary waste.
We invest in optimizing all our operations to reduce energy use, water consumption and food waste.
We dedicate our time and resources to research and development to foster sustainable innovations.
Communication for vegan products is a whole new category because of the hurdles caused by animal agriculture lobbies.
We pursue long-term relationships with our suppliers and partners to ensure high-quality and ethical sourcing practices.
After years of learning by doing, in 2022, we standardized our practices to pursue various external certifications.

We’re dedicated to making a positive impact on the world

The best way to learn about all things we do, is to speak with people who work on a daily basis to make Brammibal’s more sustainable in terms of (food) waste reduction, offering equal opportunities, implementing ethical business practices and using our resources efficiently.

Our sustainability goals

Food management operations goals

  • Reduce food waste in shops
  • Track 100% of food waste from bakery
  • Recycle frying oil purchased

Our human resources goals

  • Decrease stress at work and improve worklife
    balance for location managers
  • Increase work health and safety

Operations goals

  • Decarbonize delivery fleet
  • Optimize energy use in locations
  • Boost the use of reusable boxes

Wider company goals

  • Focus on sustainability communication: website, shops, internally
  • Get B-Corp certified

If you’re interested in learning more about each topic, head to our report👇