Our Story

Our story started simple: we wanted to bring high-quality donuts to Berlin and show people how good vegan food can taste at the same time.

When we founded the business in 2015, we started out by selling our donuts on different Berlin markets and events. After a year, we decided it was time to open up shop and bring Europe’s first entirely vegan donut joint to life.

Years later, the Brammibal’s mission has stayed the same – we want to change the perception of plant based food, one donut at a time.

Our Donuts

Every donut at Brammibal’s is, of course, completely vegan and made fresh every morning by real bakers and great ingredients. There is always a classic range of our most popular donuts, but our menu is constantly changing, with seasonal specials and fan favorites coming back time and again. Every month, we also feature a special charity donut to give back to our community.

Since all our donuts are made fresh from scratch every morning without the use of preservatives, we always recommend to eat our donuts right after they have been purchased for the best quality.

Our Suppliers

Like our donuts, our product sources are one of a kind. We work closely with some incredible neighbors and partners—among them our coffee connoisseurs, Populus. They feel as strongly about building impactful connections and providing honest, sustainable products as we do, focusing on environmental impact and equal opportunity for coffee farmers.

The sustainable chocolate we use, by Original Beans, is also committed to sustainable efforts, focused on preserving what is rare.

Twisted Nut provides us with freshly milled nut butter, made in small batches in Berlin.

We pride ourselves in using high quality ingredients. Some examples for our sustainable ingredients are all types of nuts, shredded coconut, ground bourbon vanilla & whole vanilla sticks and freeze dried strawberries. As a base for our fruit glazes we puree whole fruits, preferably sustainably sourced whenever available, too!

Our Values

Every single product offered in our cafés – from our donuts to the oat milk in your coffee – are free from animal products. But we didn’t want to stop there!

We only use green, sustainable electricity and are switching to electric mobility. So far we have invested in two electric cars, as well as a charging stations at our bakery. Plus, any leftover donuts at the end of every day are donated to local non-profit organizations, like homeless shelters, to make sure none of our food goes to waste.

Lastly, we donate 1€ of every sold charity donut to non-profit organizations who are trying to make this world a better place. Since we introduced our charity program in 2018, we have donated €234,567 to charities all across the city.

Join Us

If what we do and hold dear makes your heart skip a beat and you’d like to become a part of our team of baristas, front/back-end staff, bakers or sweets aficionados, please don’t hesitate to apply to work with us.

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