Nurturing our people
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Meet our HR Manager Lisa

When we started Brammibal’s, it was mostly friends who helped us run the shop. Then, as our business grew and our operations matured, our friends told their friends and so on. With nine locations in two cities, it’s no longer just close friends. Eventually, we thought about how we
wanted to hire and treat people who work with us.

In our Impact report, we tell you in detail about what it’s like to work at Brammibal’s – from applying to training programs, career development, and benefits and also why, for many, Brammibal’s is a great first job but likely just a stepping stone on their way to fulfilling their career dreams.

Lisa, why is diversity and inclusion such a material topic for Brammibal’s?

When you have a big team, I believe it’s important to consider what needs these different people have. The question is always how you define diversity. We haven’t been able to attract as many employees from different age
groups or employees with a disability as we would like; however, we’re a popular employer amongst the LGBTQIA+ community.

Creating a safe space for our employees, regardless of how they identify, is what matters to me. What I find especially challenging is to create fair working conditions and balance what’s
allowed and what’s not. It’s figuring out these terms for everyone to feel treated fairly that’s especially material regarding HR.

Brammibal’s is known to be a great first job. Why’s that?

We have great people working here already and our front of house teams do a really good
job making Brammibal’s look like a welcoming and fun place to work. Even when it gets busy and stressful, they are always nice to customers and to each other. So when you come into a shop and see that, you realize that this is a nice place to work.

Why should people apply to work at Brammibal’s?

We have great teams that get along really well and care about each other. (This is what our team members say in our yearly happiness survey, too.) We try to always improve and evolve as a company.
We also offer benefits, such as discounted public transportation tickets, discounted sports memberships, and – obviously – free coffee, donuts, and discounts on our merchandising products.

Read about our human resources goals in our 2022 impact and sustainability report 👇

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