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Meet our Marketing Manager Elli

Elli, why is product labeling and marketing such a material topic for your company?

People want to know what they eat, which I think is great. Our donuts are handmade, and we care about every single ingredient we use. Brammibal’s are not premade, frozen donuts decorated by a machine. They’re carefully made and decorated by hand. It’s important to me to make that really clear.

The fact that our donuts are handmade also makes the labeling complicated. It’s not as straightforward to define the number of calories and nutrients because the amounts vary.

What marketing decisions would you say led to positive outcomes?

We reworked our branding during the pandemic and ordered new takeaway boxes, which turned out to be a blessing and a curse. Our pink boxes are so distinct you can see them from miles away. Unfortunately, you also see them pollute the streets of Berlin. We wanted to offer a reusable option, but none of the reuse systems worked for our product, which is why, in 2022, we developed our own reusable boxes people can get their donuts in if they pay a deposit.

What challenges are you facing as a marketing manager at Brammibal’s?

Donuts are a treat. Sure, they’re vegan and more sustainable than desserts that consist of ingredients made from animal products. However, I must acknowledge the fact that it’s not healthy to overeat donuts. So for me, it’s a balancing act of how much I can push our product while also being aware that people should probably not eat donuts every day.

Then veganism is a topic of its own – how much do we talk about being a vegan company?
Of course, it’s at the core of who we are, but does it have to be the first thing we mention? We don’t want to scare people away, and some people definitely feel pushed away when they read the word “vegan.” What matters to us is the taste and obviously the ethics of how we source. However, some
regulators find it misleading if we don’t constantly mention Brammibal’s Donuts are vegan. Sometimes people mention in Google Reviews they only found out the donuts were vegan after they had them. At the end of the day, we want to prove to people that vegan food can be (and is!) tasty, and we just know that vegans find us anyway.

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