Behind the Donuts: Nora

Nora smiling into the camera standing outside on a balcony.

Job: Bakery Operations Manager
Favorite Donut: Cinnamon Sugar

This is what our Operations Manager Jeremy has to say about Nora: “We’re really lucky to have found Nora – I think I already knew she would be the perfect fit after the first interview we had. She has helped so much with the team development in the Berlin bakery. She is great at motivating people and shaping teams. I also wouldn’t want to be in a negotiation with her, our suppliers must have a hard time sometimes! Nora has definitely helped make Brammibal’s better and I look forward to many more entertaining performances with the megaphone! I’m also really impressed how well she managed the opening of the Hamburg bakery. It was the biggest project she’s ever worked on I believe and it really freaked her out initially but she did a really great job getting the place together.”

Thank you Nora for all of your hard work, Brammibal’s wouldn’t be the same without you.  🙌

How long have you been working at Brammibal’s?
Since January 2021!

Nora biting into a cinnamon sugar donut.

What does a typical day look like for you?
I’m responsible for the bakeries in Hamburg and Berlin and everything related to them. This already implies that no two days look the same. I often start my day in the bakery, having a coffee and trying a donut (for quality control reasons, obviously). I work closely with the bakery managers on issues such as team management and process improvement. I am in contact with our Recipe Development Manager to create new flavors or special catering requests. I regularly organize flavor tastings, bakery tours and team events. I contact suppliers for sourcing our ingredients and negotiate prices. I visit the companies we work closely with, such as Rondo in Switzerland. I also love working with our marketing team to make sure our delicious donuts get the attention they deserve.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?
I love bringing people closer to our company and our mission.

What is the most challenging thing about your job?
The combination of traditional artisan craftsmanship and the great scale of our production and brand.