Behind the Donuts: Véronique

Our Baker Véronique throwing flour in our bakery production.

Job: Baker
Favorite Donut: Classic New Year Pfannkuchen

Meet our very talented Baker Véronique who gets up super early to make sure our donuts are super fluffy and delicious.

Here’s what Nora, our Bakery Operations Manager, had to say about Véronique when asked…

“When Véronique joined us as a Baker, I immediately felt that she would be a great addition to our team. She always remains calm and grounded whilst being in a good mood. With her honest laughter and great sense of humor, she infects everyone with a smile. Véronique is also super hard working because she cares a lot about the quality of our products.”

How long have you been working at Brammibal’s?
I started in February 2021.

Baker Véronique handling the dough in our bakery.

What does a typical day look like for you?
As bakers we are the first ones to arrive at night at the bakery, we get everything ready to start the production, including making coffee for the team! We begin the day with our filled donuts which involves preparing, cutting and rolling the dough. Then we arrange the little balls in trays and place them in the proofer where they spend some time growing fluffy before going to their frying bath. We then continue the production with the ring and bubble donuts, we fold the dough, press it and use a laminator to cut them in their characteristic donut shape. Then we arrange them by hand in trays then again they go into the proofer, and afterwards are fried. Once the donuts are fried it is the confectioners turn to make them super pretty and our day finishes by organizing everything for the next day and leaving our area spotlessly clean!

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Handling the fluffy dough!

What is your favorite thing to do after work?
Rest and cuddle with my cat, if he’s in the mood.