Terms & conditions for pre-orders

Your order must be placed at least the day before your chosen pick-up or delivery time. We do not accept pre-orders for the same day.

At this moment, we require a minimum order of 4 donuts and a maximum order of 80 donuts. For larger quantities please get in touch with us via e-mail. For deliveries, the minimum order amount is 8 donuts. When you order 24 or more donuts, the delivery is free of charge.

Our donuts are made fresh every morning and need to be eaten the day they were purchased. Our donuts do not stay good for more than one day.

Orders need to be picked up at the location & time chosen in the order form. We can’t assure your order will still be available at a later time. If you have chosen delivery, please make sure that we can reach you at home during the agreed delivery window. If we can’t reach you at home, our driver will bring the donuts to the closest shop and contact you by phone. We will not try to deliver a 2nd time! Due to Berlin traffic, unfortunately on rare occasions your order may arrive a little later than planned, in that case we will give you a heads up though!

We cannot refund you for orders that haven’t been picked up. Orders that have not been picked up will be donated to Foodsharing at the end of the day and are not available to be picked up on the next day. Cancellations need to be done by email, 24h in advance, in order to get a full refund.

We can only offer the flavours that are listed on our website.